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Haunted Wallpaper Night Light

Haunted Wallpaper Night Light

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This listing is for an Haunted Wallpaper Night Light . This will include the night light, as well as the 3D printed night light cover. The 3D printed cover can be taken off and on, so if your item arrives as the light and the cover in 2 pieces just simply and gently twist the cover back onto the light.

The night lights that are used are LED based so the light does not get hot. The night light is also sensor based and will turn on automatically when it is dark enough out. If you want it to light up but its not dark out, you could always cover the sensor with something to trigger it to turn on.

Please note: This item is 3D printed thinly in order for the light to pass through the night light cover, because of this, handle the item with care. It can break if dropped onto a hard surface. It is fragile. As always, none of the items I make should be treated as children's toys. They are simply meant for decoration purposes only.

Also Note: This 3D printed night light cover is made to fit this brand and model night light specifically. Other night lights may not fit this cover, which is why I also provide the light in your purchase. Traditional bulb based night lights will get too hot for the cover and could warp/melt/ruin the 3D printed cover.