Please allow up to 3 weeks before shipping!


This page covers FAQ regarding frequently asked products and shop questions.

When can I purchase items? The shop is open all the time, so if its still in stock you are welcome to purchase any time. However out of stock items usually restock on Friday nights at 7pm EST. I can't physically restock every design for every product so I rotate through the items that I restock. You can find more up to date information on what will be restocking over on our instagram page.

How long does it take to get my item?: I strive to work as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, we still need time to fulfill and pack your orders. Normally we can get them shipped out in about 5 days. Sometimes it may take up to a week before they are ready to be shipped out. Thank you for your patience, I do basically every aspect of my business by myself so it takes some time to finish everything. Thankfully my husband helps me get all your orders packed!

Do you ship internationally?: At this time I do not currently ship any items outside of the US but it may be something that I will look into adding in the future

How do you ship items?: All items are shipped using USPS first class package mail, this type of shipping normally takes anywhere from 1-3 business days under normal circumstances, but due to COVID USPS is experience delays periodically.

Can you help me find my package or figure out what's taking it so long?: Please this is very important to note, once USPS has the packages it is out of my hands about the length of time it takes them to ship your item or notify you where it is currently located. I cannot find out any more than you about the status of your package once they have the item. Please be patient with them as they have been experience delays.

Do you do custom designs?: Due to my current workload of fulfilling current orders and making new designs for the shop, I do not have the time to take on custom orders. However, suggestions for future designs you would like to see are always welcome.

Do you do returns or exchanges?: No, due to the nature of the items being made to order, once you place your order I cannot do returns or exchanges. Please make sure before you check out that every part of your order looks correct. If buying charms please make sure you have selected the proper product and have read through the item description.

How can I purchase charger charms?: These options will all be found in one listing titled "Charger Charms (All Popular Designs)" Other "non-magical" themed items are found in their own individual listings.

Is my charger adapter compatible for a charger charm?: I currently offer 3 different charger adapter compatible designs.
Apple cube - which is your traditional adapter found for most iphones except the newest iphone 11
Samsung adaptive fast charging adapter- This adapter is made for some Samsung phones, and plugs in with a regular USB on the side of the adapter. If it helps, the model number is EP-TA200.
Apple USBC- This is made for the 18W adapter that comes with iphone 11

Can I use any cord for use with my charm?: NO! This is very important to note, these charms are designed with very specific measurements to fit specific adapters and charger cords exactly. Other off brand cords may not fit into the holes of the charm. Please remember to use the name brand cord that goes with that specific charging adapter. Please note that the Apple Cube charm will not fit the apple watch series 5 charging cord, it is too large for the charm hole. Also note that the computer USBC cords will more than likely not fit into the Apple USBC charger charm holes. However, you can plug in your apple charging cord into the samsung charm. I can confirm that specific combination does work. Some people have had success using off brand cords with their charms but note that I cannot guarantee a proper fit, do that at your own risk.


How do I buy an ear set?: Currently I am doing the ears as random pop-up sales, which means I do not know in advanced what day and time I will be releasing them. They are sold in limited quantities and are first come first served purchases until they are sold out.

How do I assemble the ears?: The ears I make are all INTERCHANGABLE, they will not be permanently affixed to your headband. If you are looking for ears glued to a headband these are not the ears for you. The ears are made using an industrial strength dual locking fastener. Both sides of the fastener are exactly the same, it is not velcro. There is not a soft side and a plastic side, both sides are plastic on purpose. This allows the material to firmly grab to each other without any wiggle. You will find the fastener on your ear and match it up to corresponding fastener on your headband, then FIRMLY press until you hear and feel it snap firmly into place. Both ears attach to the headband this way, as well as the center piece and bows made for these ears. Once you are done using, or need to pack them away you can simply tilt the ear forward or backwards to easily remove from headband. This allows for space saving when packing in your luggage, backpack, or even purse.