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Wearable Park Lights Info

First of all, thanks for your order!

Now, lets talk about your new wearable park light.

It will come with the option between a lobster claw keychain, and a lanyard so you can decide how you want to use it or add your own favorite lanyard.

This product is rechargeable and comes with a small charging cord. You will need to plug it in and charge it once you receive it, because it won't come fully charged. A small red light inside the electronics will come on when it is connected and actively charging. Once it reaches full charge the red light will turn off and you can unplug the light.

Looking at the front of the light, the right side will have your on/off switch. The button on the front you can use to swap through the different light modes once youve switched the light on. The left side will be the port for charging the light with your provided charging cable.

Mode 1: slow color change fade
Mode 2: quick flashing color change.
Mode 3: solid colors (blue, green, red, cyan, orange, purple, and white.

Battery is rated for 4-6 hours of use, but remember its rechargeable. You can always bring your little charging cable with you can charge it off a battery bank if you are really in a pinch.

Remember that this is electronic and is not going to be water poof. If it starts raining, like it likes to do in Florida, just make sure it gets kept nice and dry. Also remember that these are handmade products, and while they are durable they are not indestructible so handle with care.

This product does contain small components so please be sure to supervise children.

PLEASE do not leave these in extreme heat, the plastic can warp and lose its shape.