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Care & Ear Assembly Instructions

Confused on how to assemble your ears? We are here to help!

Lets start with the assembly process. You will see that the fastener on your ears and on your headband will match. This is not velcro, it is an industrial strength plastic fastener, so there is no soft side and hard side. Both sides will be hard so that they will firmly grab your ears with no give.

Fastener on ear and headband

You will take the ears and match them to the fastener on the band. If you are assembling light up ears, please make sure the light boxes are pointing towards the middle of the headband, this way the bow can hide them. Next you will FIRMLY press until you feel or hear them snap together. Look to make sure that it is fully snapped into place all the way across the fastener.

Pressing ear onto headband fastener

For the bows and centerpieces you will do the exact same thing you did to snap on the ears.

Bow fastener and headband fastener

Attaching bow to headband by pressing firmly

Please note these are made of plastic and will melt/warp if left in extreme heat such as a hot car! Also remember these are handmade and not completely indestructible, so handle them with care!

This next section is just for those who have the light up interchangeable ears!

This product is rechargeable and comes with a small charging cord. You will need to plug it in and charge it once you receive it, because it won't come fully charged. A small red light inside the electronics will come on when it is connected and actively charging, you may or may not be able to see this light since its internal. Once it reaches full charge the red light will turn off and you can unplug the light.

Looking at the back of the ear, the right side will have your on/off switch. The button on the front you can use to swap through the different light modes once youve switched the light on. The left side will be the port for charging the light with your provided charging cable.

Mode 1: slow color change fade
Mode 2: quick flashing color change.
Mode 3: solid colors (blue, green, red, cyan, orange, purple, and white.

Battery is rated for 4-6 hours of use, but remember its rechargeable. You can always bring your little charging cable with you can charge it off a battery bank if you are really in a pinch.

Remember that this is electronic and is not going to be water poof. If it starts raining, like it likes to do in Florida, just make sure it gets kept nice and dry. Also remember that these are handmade products, and while they are durable they are not indestructible so handle with care.

This product does contain small components so please be sure to supervise children. It is not meant to be used as a toy.