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Pumpkin Mouse Charger Charm

Pumpkin Mouse Charger Charm

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PLEASE NOTE: This design does NOT light up!!!!

This listing is for one Charger Charm Made to Order - These will be printed as the orders are received. They are NOT ready to ship. Turn around time is up to 2 weeks before shipping. Charging adapters and charging cords are not included, only the charm itself.

Please Select charger type: Either Apple Cube or Samsung

Apple Cube - This selection is made to fit with regular apple charging cubes and apple charging cords (Will not fit iPhone lightning charger and Series 5 Apple watch). 

Samsung - This selection is made to fit with Samsung "adaptive fast charging" adapters and Samsung USB to type-C charging cord. (Has not been verified to fit with any other combinations) It has a side USB plug, not a front.

Apple USBC - This selection is made to fit with the Apple USBC 18 watt charger (not for the larger USBC charger used for laptops. Not verified to fit on laptop USBC cords) and apple USBC cord. Any other combination has not been verified.

I don’t do returns or exchanges so please make sure you have the proper compatible pieces before purchasing. However, I will help you if there is a problem with the product itself, or it not fitting right on the proper accessories it was purchased for.

These “Charger Charms” are made to simply and easily slip over your current charging adapter (either apple charging cubes or Samsung adaptive fast charging adapters). Then plug in your matching brand charging cord and enjoy your new decor.

Some charms may be in the way of using your other outlet plugs.

If you have any issues or questions with your order please reach out to me first to see how I can help resolve it for you!